Hello (again), World!

It’s good to return to blogging after 7 years and finally make use of my personal domain name. Only time will tell if I end up posting regularly, though!

This time around, I decided to roll up my sleeves a bit and create a full-fledged and self-hosted personal website. To keep things simple, I opted for a static site generated using Hugo, styled using Bootstrap (with a prefabricated theme as the basis), hosted on GitHub Pages backed by CloudFlare’s CDN, and continuously deployed using Wercker–all completely free. More details coming in my next post.

Until then, just for fun, I’m curious if any of you can find my old blog; it’s still up on Blogger. Feel free to post a link to it and react in the comments.

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Abhi Sharma

A Berkeley CS student, techie, bibliomaniac, car enthusiast, and occasional user of dry humor.